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Many companies are simply making do with taking photos of their best work on their phones. And while this is certainly more acceptable now, you are still missing out on the creative aspect a photographer brings.


I offer monthly photography based on your business and your brand - the images will reflect what you are trying to sell and how you are trying to sell it. This is ideal for those companies that use a lot of social media for marketing. It also gives you regular consistent content for your website and other marketing materials.


Before we meet

No two companies are the same and neither is their subscription. The photography is tailored to your business to ensure you get the most out of it. With a rolling monthly subscription, it’s easy to decide each month what photography you want.


You might have month where you have an influx of new staff who all need headshots - or a building project that’s going to be finished. Booking these in at the start of the month ensures you can sit back and relax and wait for your photos to come in.

On the day

Depending on what we are shooting, each day is going to be different. But luckily the process remains the same.


All of your photos are uploaded to your dedicated shared folder meaning only you can access them. You can check in each month to see what new content has gone up - and it will help you keep things organised, month by month.

What Next

There is a 2 stage editing process whereby first I remove any images that aren't up to my standards. What remains will be a selection of images that are all passed to you. 


I then do an overall edit to ensure lighting and colour are just right, and then small touch ups as needed. You are then sent a link to download your files when they are ready.


£99 1 hour per month

£150 3 hours per month

£200 6 hours per month


“We use Andy's services on a regular basis for our business portfolio and can thoroughly recommend Andy, should you be in need of a great photographer!!”

Danielle Norfolk


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Based in Ebbsfleet in Kent, Rogue Ginger Photo offers creative, bespoke photography services to Charities, Commercial, Domestic & Education clients.

With a wide range of photography experience, we know we can provide you with the images you deserve.

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