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Lockdown photography: Shooting London from The o2

This photoshoot was originally just a meet up with my friend Amy of Amy Millen Photography. We were looking to shoot some cityscapes at night and try to see what kind of images we could collect. We were also joined by Gary Cooper of Square Freedom Photography as we looking to do some location scouting for a future video project and this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

We started off at the north side facing Canary Wharf in an attempt to capture the sunset and the last bit of light for the day. Shooting at around F16, our aim was to use long exposures to create some dramatic skies as well as mirror like reflections in the Thames.

With the sun still in view, we also experimented with some light painting using our phone lights and long exposures - using the reflections in puddles to add an extra element of light to the composition.

With exposures of around 20 seconds, we certainly had the times right for capturing the beauty that London has to offer. Moving around in a loop we circled back around the shoreline and captured views from the river until the sun had disappeared and the night had really set in.

The o2 is one of my favourite locations to shoot from, as the uninterrupted views of the river really allow you to create some beautiful images. As a lockdown project this has been one of my favourites this year they are some of my favourite photos I've shot of London. The full gallery is below.

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