Why you should update your headshot on a regular basis.

Updated: Mar 1

Headshots can be the first image a client see’s when they look you up. It’s your introduction to the world. Most people nowadays understand the need for a good professional headshot that captures who you are but also what kind of work you do. A chef wearing a pinstripe suit and tie in their headshot is as misleading as a stockbroker or a solicitor wearing a vest.

I was contacted by my good friend Elle, who needed some new headshots as she felt her existing ones just weren’t right. Our first session working together was based on the idea of a professional headshot with a slightly relaxed feel to capture the essence of Elle’s work style. Running her own Project Management company, Elle needed to be professional yet approachable, and wanted to introduce a fun relaxed element to the shoot. This turned out to be the cup of tea that Elle is always holding. We used a plain neutral background against professional style clothing - with a very natural look to the end photos.

A year later, and Elle’s business has changed. So much so that the original headshots we had created no longer fitted her brand. We discussed what the new brief should be and decided that a complete removal away from the studio was in order, and instead we would look to shoot at Greenwich Park.

This location was a perfect fit for the new business brand that Elle developed. Neutral earthy tones mixed with vibrant greens would give us endless possibilities for soft focus backdrops, while the old architecture and brickwork was perfect for the close ups where we wanted some of the detail to remain.

We headed off relatively early to get nice light, but didn’t want it too dark in case we lost the rich tones in the greens of the grass and trees. All in all we spent a couple of hours shooting - and as we are good friends anyway it made the shoot a lot more enjoyable for the both of us. It also made it easier to come up with good ideas for the shots as we went.

Elle's business continues to grow, and so does her need for current up to date photography that represents herself and her brand. We have moved Elle onto a subscription plan where she now books regular quarterly photoshoots allowing her to make the most out of her photography sessions.

To see Elle’s headshot in use and see how it fits her brand, head on over to ellebaldry.co.uk

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