High quality product photography that wows your customers.

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Wow your customers!

Good product photography will help you sell. Nobody wants to be looking through a bunch of blurry phone photos of a high-end and high cost product. But no matter the value of what you are selling, using the wrong photos will cost you dearly.


I’ve worked on small home craft items, amazon shops right up to vehicles, on each occasion taking the time to find the right story to sell.


Before we meet

Not everybody wants the same thing. I understand that each photoshoot is going to be different - and so I want to make sure everyone involved has a clear idea of what is going to happen on the day.


Most products can either be sent to me or I will collect (depending on location). I prefer to do this in person if possible so that I can really get a feel from you about your products and the story behind them - but if this is not possible then a Zoom or phone call will be sufficient.

On the day

Once you have handed over the products to me that’s it - nothing else to worry about. I’m very content working in my home studio creating amazing images for you.


If your product is a little bigger and requires a different location or a larger studio - this is all worked out prior to shooting. Larger items like vehicles may incur extra costs for rental of studio spaces.

What Next

There is a 2 stage editing process whereby first I remove any images that aren't up to my standards. What remains will be a selection of images that are all passed to you. 


I then do an overall edit to ensure lighting and colour are just right, and then small touch ups as needed. You are then sent a link to download your files when they are ready.


“He has done the most fantastic job of showcasing my products with his incredible photography…I now have a subscription with him, to which he provides all my amazing social media content, photographs…”

Helen Scandrett



£150 for a 1 hour session

£350 full morning session

£600 whole day

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Based in Ebbsfleet in Kent, Rogue Ginger Photo offers creative, bespoke photography services to Charities, Commercial, Domestic & Education clients.

With a wide range of photography experience, we know we can provide you with the images you deserve.

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Ebbsfleet, Kent

07872 826880


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