Couple Shoot on Location

Taking Megan and Shanna on a winter stroll for their romantic couple's shoot.



Originally scheduled for a glorious sunny day, this shoot had to be moved to the following, which turned out to be the first day of snow in 2021.

Never one to pass on an opportunity, I advised Megan and Shanna to throw on their wooly hats, big coats and bring the dogs out for a winter stroll.


Their photos came out amazing, they are such a loving couple and it really shows in the work. As we live a couple of streets away using the local area surrounded by woodland really added a sense of adventure and fun to this shoot.

"The photo shoot was great, Andy is great at making you feel comfortable during the whole process. Fun shoot, with the wife and dogs, he captured beautiful photos and made it look like we actually had the dogs well trained😂
Would highly recommend for any couple wether straight or like us part for the LGBTQA+ family like myself and wife. We will be using him in the future for sure."

Megan Brown