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[  ]    frustrated taking photos of your best work on your camera phone?


[  ]    often working on site through the night due to access restrictions?


[  ]    having difficulty creating a quality portfolio of work to show your clients?


[  ]    unable to justify the cost of a photographer for a full day?


[  ]    failing to schedule photographers to visit multiple locations on one day?


[  ]     struggling to show your customers the stages of a long term project?

If the answers to any of these questions is yes, you may be interested in signing up to one of our monthly photography packages.


From planning, through to shooting and image delivery, Rogue Ginger offers your business professional photography at affordable rates.


We know many clients choose your services based on the quality of work you deliver. But how are they going to see the very best you can offer if the photography you have is grainy, unclear, or simply showcases the wrong part of the job?


Whether you work in a single office, across multiple locations, or in your client’s properties, we can schedule shoots with you on site at a time that best suits you and your customers. 

Our pay monthly package is ideal for projects that can take a long time, as you can book a photographer in to visit at the key stages you wish to showcase. Alternatively, you can use your visits across multiple sites in one day. The choice is yours.

We also know that some sites are not accessible during normal working hours, which can require you to work through the night to get jobs completed. We pride ourselves in being able to booked during unsocial hours to ensure the photography does not disturb or interfere with your client’s working day.


Our work is ideally suited to help you grow online portfolios of work via your website and social media, as well as useful when quoting for tenders or applying for awards.