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We are globally facing a pandemic affecting businesses of all sizes, and communities of all makeups. Please read on to see how we are supporting our customers at Rogue Ginger Photography during these difficult times.

Specifically for the Photography industry, there has been and will be a moderate impact on our ability to function as normal.

The guidance we have received from the relevant bodies at this time is that employee operations are shut down for the interim.

With regard to you, our customers

You, our valued customers are also vital to our success us in these uncertain times. We understand that there may be occasion to cancel/alter dates of appointments with us. As such, we have the following policy in place:

We are offering store credit/rebooking options

The full details of our refund policy are as follows:

We are happy to reschedule bookings for clients (as we understand self isolation and venues being shut makes planning shoots extremely difficult). All rebooking are subject to contract terms and conditions.

Our commercial subscription time allowance will roll over into the following months. This way clients are still able to build up photography databases once their sites are reopen. Alternatively, we are able to provide non-specific stock photography (ie general city shots / non personnel shots) if this helps.

We can also provide graphics and/or edit your own photos if this will help give continuity to your business.

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